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Center consoles, Ski Boats, Yachts, Jetski, Pontoon Boat detailing.


Car, SUV, Truck, RV, and Equipment detailing.


Let us get your boat or auto enrolled into a monthly, biweekly, or weekly detail service plan.

Marine Detailing

Fishing Speedboat


Premium Wash

Back at the ramp or lift after a long day on the water and still hours of cleaning to do? What a buzz kill. Schedule our Premium Wash service and let us handle the hard work of keeping your boat ready for the next trip out.


This service includes washing the boat inside and out to remove the salt, grime, and whatever else you may have picked up. Cleaning and protecting the boat's surfaces are a must to keeping a happy and healthy boat. 


Platinum Detail

So you have been handling the normal cleaning but ready for that next level? The Platinum Detail takes the average clean to a whole new level. This package ensures that every surface of your boat is thoroughly cleaned and protected for months to come. 


The Platinum Detail includes our Premium Wash plus scrubbing away stubborn dirt and salt spray, removing acidic stains such as bird droppings or rust; eliminating black water streaks; scrubbing and brightening non-skid; lifting up hatches and storage compartments to clean the gutter tracks; and a thorough clean of your cockpit or flybridge.


Upgrade to the Platinum Plus package to have your boat polished as well. 


Diamond Detail & Polish

Who said diamonds are only a woman's best friend? Your boat will love you for at least a year to eighteen months with this gift.

The Platinum Detail gets your boat looking great and ready for action but our Diamond Detail and Polish is what restores that factory shine and protects the gelcoat making the Platinum Detail needed not as often.

The Diamond Detail and Polish gets you the Platinum Detail plus a minimum two-step polish and wax. This two-step process can handle light to medium oxidation levels.


While onsite and depending on the oxidation level present after the polish, we can do a third step to remove the heavy oxidation and protect the new layer of gel coat with a glossy finish. Think of it as a deep tissue massage and exfoliation that your wife has been asking you about; but for your real better half.

Auto Detailing



At Fathom Detailing, we provide professional detailing services for all of your marine vessels, cars, trucks, equipment, and more. Click below to schedule your appointment today. 

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